Maui Jim®, Oakley & Ray-Ban® Sunglasses and Eyewear

About Maui Jim® Sunglasses & Eyewear Technology
As with many timely business ideas, Maui Jim Sunglasses were born out of need. In this case, the need was for a sunglass that would eliminate the harsh Hawaiian glare without distorting the beautiful colors of the island scenery. After years of research and development, this became a reality and Maui Jim® PolarizedPlus® emerged. Most polarized lenses stop with ordinary polarizing film. Maui Jim Sunglasses with PolarizedPlus® incorporate polarization film to block reflected glare, plus a bi-gradient mirror and anti-reflective treatment to block glare from above, below and behind. Maui Jim has recently taken that technology a step further by incorporating three rare earth elements – praseodymium, erbium and neodymium – to increase the amount and quality of the red, blue and green the eye naturally perceives. Combined with Maui Jim’s patented glare solution, the result is unmatched protection, deep, saturated color vision, and a higher level of contrast and depth perception.

Material Availability
PolarizedPlus2 is currently available in all lens materials including SuperThin™ glass, polycarbonate, and Maui Evolution – a proprietary material that offers an optical quality approaching that of a glass lens, while offering the lightweight performance of a polycarbonate demanded by active consumers.

These materials are available in four colors Neutral Grey – bright direct sunlight, Maui Rose® – fast action sports, HCL® Bronze – hazy, foggy overcast, and Maui HT (High Transmission) – low light.

Lens Styles
Maui Jim® is available in Plano lenses, as well as proprietary free-form/digital single vision, and progressive designs.

About Oakley Sunglasses & Eyewear
Oakley eyewear is well known for providing exceptional optical and design performance through technological innovations for those who demand excellence in vision and sun protection for outdoor, sports, and recreational activities. Oakley High Definition Optics® can help you achieve the ultimate in clarity regardless of how hard you work or play.

Oakley High Definition Polarized Technology
Oakley High Definition Polarized Technology is the solution to filtering reflected glare because reflected glare is polarized light! Unlike traditional polarized lenses that add filters that can distort your vision because they are glued on to the lens, Oakley infuses the polarization at the molecular level, preventing distortion AND filtering the maximum amount of glare from water, snow, or asphalt. By using specially formulated polarization polymers infused into Oakley lenses, you get superior optics that are the essence of clarity. By bonding the polarization at the molecular level, glare protection technology can’t be rubbed or worn off. Every single pair of Oakley polarized sunglasses achieves 99% efficiency in blocking polarized light waves. The patented Oakley lens technology stops glare-causing light waves dead in their tracks so they keep the sun from impeding your vision.

Oakley Photochromic Technology
Whether you’re golfing, mountain biking, or pounding pavement on a training run at dawn, you can’t maintain peak performance unless your eyes keep up with your environment. That’s why Oakley Activated by Transitions® Lenses are engineered to darken and lighten automatically.

  • They help you adapt to changing light conditions so you’ll always perform at your best.
  • They filter out 100% of all UV, even when the lens color lightens to help you see in dimmer environments where UV is still a threat.
  • You get the added benefit of having lenses that aren’t too dark when the sun pulls a disappearing act, or too light when it knifes through clouds.

With Oakley Activated by Transitions® technology, your lenses lighten to show you hazards on shaded paths, then darken to shield your eyes on open trail. In addition, Oakley has combined Transitions® photochromic technology with balanced light filtering to boost visual contrast, even in low light. That’s a key benefit for athletes because it improves depth perception. On top of that, they get the unbeatable clarity of Oakley’s High Definition Optics®.

Oakley Hydrophobic Technology
Even the world’s best lenses can’t do their job if they’re coated with water, oils or dust. Oakley Hydrophobic is a permanent lens coating that prevents those performance killers from threatening your vision. This advanced optical technology performs three critical functions:

  • It prevents moisture buildup, so rain and perspiration won’t leave streaks and sheens that can compromise your vision. Droplets ball up and bead off the surface.
  • It repels oils, making it easier to keep lenses clean. Skin oils, fingerprints and lotions are easily wiped away without leaving residue, so you won’t get that blurring film common to ordinary lenses.
  • It prevents dirt, dust and other particles from clinging to the lens. A lens can carry a static electrical charge that acts like a magnet for airborne particles. Oakley Hydrophobic is engineered to eliminate the charge, so particles aren't attracted to the lens surface.

With these three performance features, Oakley Hydrophobic technology creates an invisible barrier that easily sheds sweat, rain, sunscreen, skin oils, dirt and dust. The lenses are heavenly to clean and they stay clean longer than ordinary lenses, maintaining the highest level of clarity.

Oakley Authentic Prescription Technology
If your prescription lenses are made for indoors, wearing them for sun will leave you squinting. Why not have the best sun lenses custom made to your prescription? The Oakley logo on our Plutonite lens is your guarantee that you have the finest corrective optics anywhere, even under the sun.

If you want the best clarity and protection on the planet, nothing comes close to Oakley’s High Definition Optics® (HDO®). It’s available in standard and prescription lenses.

  • HDO® lets you see clearer and sharper
  • You see everything exactly where it is
  • You get unrivaled impact protection and 100% UV filtering

Available with most Oakley frames and many non-Oakley frames, Oakley prescription lenses can be customized with a full range of options:

  • Wide variety of colors
  • Iridium® lens coatings that balance light in bright sun
  • Polarized lenses that filter out blinding glare
  • Photochromic lenses that lighten and darken automatically

About Ray-Ban® Sunglasses & Eyewear
Some brands have become such an accepted part of our daily lexicon that their origins are not even questioned.  Take Ray-Ban®, for instance, the sunglass brand was born in 1937 to protect the pilots of the US Air Force from the sun, to literally ban the sun rays.  While sun protection is still paramount to the Ray-Ban® offering, as is the original aviator style, the brand has come a long way from those origins.  With such as established product at its heart, it would be all too easy for Ray-Ban® to rest on its laurels, yet Ray-Ban® has long been as interested in innovation as it is in its own heritage.  But when your starting point is an icon of its own, how do you pursue the new without attempting to reinvent the wheel!

On one side, Ray-Ban® respects where they came from, so they talk about heritage and authenticity.  They do not consider Ray-Ban a fashion brand; Ray-Ban® is more of a cool, trendy brand.  But on the other side, they want to make sure that it is not just about design or style, nut it is really about quality, innovation and everyday comfort.

This summer, Ray-Ban® launched its District 1937 collection, which has been five years in the making, according to Lucia Morini, a product manager at Luxottica, the Italian owner of Ray-Ban®.  At first sight, the frames within the collection are familiar. The Wayfarer, the aviator and the more recent addition, Erica, are all included in the collection. But upon closer inspection, the frames are crafted from surprising materials.  The most experimental of which are leather, velvet and denim.  What is new is not the design, but the materials. They are in some way unexpected in eyewear.  While Ray-Ban® may not be the first to offer leather frames, their process is unique, akin to shrink wrapping acetate frames in leather, sealed without glue.  This is where the innovation lies. The denim style was so innovative it took 18 months and was swiftly patented so it could not be copied.  You will never find something else like this on the market.