Eyeglasses, Frames & Lenses

About Eyeglasses, Frames & Lenses
Whether you need complete eyeglasses, eyeglass frames, or eyeglass lenses our Opticians will help you select the designs that fit your sense of style and fashion. Our eyeglass frame selection includes a wide variety of designer frames as well as other high quality frames to fit any budget and fashion trend. We will review your lifestyle and daily activities so that we can suggest the best type of eyeglass lenses for your needs. Baltimore Washington Eye Center offers the full range of eyeglass lenses including line bifocal lenses and progressive “no line” lenses such as the Varilux® S series and the Varilux® Physio from Essilor.  We also offer color changing adaptive eyeglass lenses such as Transitions lenses and the specialized high index and polycarbonate lens materials. Our Certified Opticians will also be able to recommend the application of specialized tints and coatings, such as Crizal or anti-glare coatings to be certain that you select the most comfortable, durable and functional eyeglasses for your daily routine and recreational activities.

About Eyeglass Frames 
Our Opticians work closely with eyeglass and frame designers and manufacturers from around the world to keep our frame and lens styles current. We are always adding new frames and styles to our selection and are happy to order special sizes, colors and styles if you wish.

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About Eyeglass Lenses
Lens Styles
Single Vision: Single vision lenses are used for correcting vision at one distance or range of vision; for example they can correct distance vision such as required for driving, intermediate distances as required for focusing on a computer screen, or for near vision such as required for reading. But, in general, if you are in your 40’s and your eye doctor finds that you are Presbyopic, a single vision lens may not allow you to have the full range of vision that you need.

  • Progressive Lenses: Progressive lenses are prescribed for Presbyopic patients who need vision correction for both reading and distance vision and who wish to be able to see at all ranges without any of the distracting lines found in ordinary bifocals or trifocals. We offer Varilux®, Zeiss, Hoya, DEFINITY® and other lenses to insure easy adaptation and comfort.
  • Flat Top Bifocals: Flat top bifocals are lenses that are split into two segments, one for seeing at a distance and one for seeing up close. They may be prescribed for those patients requiring the ability to see both at far and at near without having to remove their eyeglasses.
  • Executive Bifocals: Executive bifocals are eyeglass lenses that are also split into two segments, but actually have a line extending along the entire width of the lens. This type of lens may be useful for patients who require a very wide reading field of vision. A wide field of vision may also be obtained with certain Flat Top bifocals.
  • Trifocals: Trifocal lenses are eyeglass lenses that have three distinct segments-one for seeing far, one for seeing intermediate and one for seeing near objects.
  • Specialty and Occupational: In addition, should you have any special visual needs for work or recreation, such as sports eyewear or computer eyewear, our Opticians will be able to counsel you on many other eyeglass lens styles that are designed specifically for your activities. Please describe your activities to them so they can help you select the best possible lenses for your needs.

Lens Materials

  • Plastic Lenses: Plastic or CR-39 is the basic lens material. Plastic lenses are somewhat prone to scratching so you will need to clean and care for them properly. Plastic lenses can be tinted to almost any color and thus can be used for sunglasses as well.
  • Hi-Index Plastic: High Index Plastic is a premium lens material that is a thinner, lighter weight plastic. This lens provides excellent optical quality, ultraviolet protection, scratch resistance, and can be lightly tinted to any color.
  • Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate is the most impact resistant lens available.  This lens provides ultraviolet protection and scratch resistance.  They are most often used for children under the age of 18 and for sports glasses.

Other Lens Options

  • Polarized Lenses: Polarized Lenses are a special type of sunglass lenses that are the best for reducing bright sunlight glare and producing excellent outdoor contrast. These lenses have less than half the glare of regular tinted lenses and include scratch resistant coating and ultraviolet protection.
  • Lens Tinting: Lens Tinting is an available option that can be done to many lens materials in an array of colors. Lens Tinting helps reduce glare from light or can be used to enhance your appearance.
  • Mirror Coating: A mirror coating is a coating that is applied to sunglasses that adds extra protection from sun glare and makes the lens appear mirror-like.

About Sunglasses
At Baltimore Washington Eye Center, we offer an excellent selection of sunglasses ranging from very basic designs, sports and special outdoor designs such as for water sports, as well as those from high fashion European designers. All are fabricated for full UV protection.

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If you or someone you know would like to choose eyeglasses, would like to arrange a frame selection, fitting or select eyeglass lenses, eyewear or sunglasses, please visit Baltimore Washington Eye Center or if you would like, please call us at 800-495-3937  to schedule an appointment.